Our auction catalogue is a dutch catalogue. We will help you with a growing glossary here on this site. The few words now are just to locate this file. Next week it will contain more words. If words are wanting which you discover in our catalogue, or are miss-spelled, pleaseĀ e-mail us, and we will add them or correct them and give you a personal reaction.

Nederlands English
aangetekend registered
ansichtkaart postcard
bankbiljet banknote
brief letter
briefstuk on piece
brief cover
briefvoorzijde front of cover
drukwerk printed matter
enveloppe cover
foutdruk (print) error
fraai fine
gebruikt used
gecentreerd centered
gerepareerd repared
gestempeld canceled
getand perforated
gevlekt spotted
hoekstuk corner piece
kavel lot
kleine gebreken small faults
kleur colour
kopstaand vertically rotated
luchtpost airmail
munt(en) coin(s)
omslag envelope, jacket
opbrengst result
omgekeerd inverted
ongebruikt unused with original gum, hinged
ongetand imperforated
opdruk overprint
plakker hinge
portzegel postage due
postfris mint, without hinge
postzegel stamp
pracht exemplaar, pr.ex. superb
randstuk margin of sheet
schaars rare
speldeprik pinhole
stempel postmark
taxatie estimation
tropisch toned, stained
veiling auction
vel(letje) sheet
verzameling collection
voornamelijk, vnl principally
zonder gom without gum
zeer fraai fine
zeldzaam rare