1. Consigments can consist of:
    • Stamps a piece, by series, by party or as collection, irrespective of sort, number or composition
    • First day covers, postal articles, old letters etc
    • Philatelitic literature, empty albums etc. (no periodicals)
    • Coins
    • Old picture postcards
    • Old share and other collector’s items
  2. Secrecy:
    • No information is given concerning consignors.
  3. With stamps of doubtful origin or genuineness, the auctioneer is authorized, to verify or expertize or to have them examined by an recognized inspector. The extra costs of these are for account of the consigner.
  4. Consigments can be refused without statement of reasons.
  5. The auctioneer reserves the right to group two or more lots together or to split lots of the one and the same consigner, if to his judgment it will lead to a higher proceeds.
  6. Sending consigments means an irrevocable order to auction for a period of 6 months.
  7. Lots that are not sold will, according to the judgment of the auctioneer, be brought to hammer again at one of the next auctions or send back to the consignor.
  8. Every consigment is asssured against fire, house-breaking, etc. for the amount of the start minus 13% plus lot-commision of € 1,75.
  9. Consigments can be sent by registered post.
  10. As soon as the auction-catalogue has come out, you receive a statement of your lot-numbers and start-price, which are made of your consigments.
  11. By putting up for auction you give to understand that you are familiair with our conditions and accept these in its entirety.
  12. Terms for auctions are 19 % to 21 % of the selling price and €.1,75 a lot (including V.A.T.).
  13. Payment:
    In the 2nd week after the auction consignors have received a statement of account with their proceeds.
    As a rule payment takes place between 4 and 6 weeks after the auction.
  14. In case of doubt the Dutch version of these auction-conditions which that are also printed in our catalogue, is legally binding.